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We offer breathtaking multiday trekking itineraries in the Vilcanota mountain range, along a route we call the “Camino Del Apu Ausangate”. Our exclusive route is located about 100 km. southeast of the city of Cusco, directly in front of the snow-capped massif of Mount Ausangate (6,372 meters a.s.l. / 20,900 feet). According to Andean cosmology, the Apu Ausangate is the highest, most important and most sacred mountain in the entire region of Cusco. The Apu is considered a deity or god, and as the Creator of Life. The mountain is worshipped by the highland region’s indigenous communities, as well as in the nearby valleys and rainforest. The Apu is the Bearer of Life and the Guardian of one of the most pristine and impressive mountain ecosystems in the world.

Our trek around Ausangate covers a daily distance of about 10 and 12 kilometers, along an exclusive route which guarantees that every participant enjoys a safe, high quality trekking experience, with each day revealing the breathtaking views and unique sites of this magnificent Andean landscape. We have four high mountain lodges for our guests' comfort, all located along this hiking circuit. These are some of the highest altitude lodges in the world that are well-appointed with quality features. Each lodge is ecologically designed and strategically located for great views.

Being a community-based company, our key goals are to integrate the local population in our operations, to protect Andean cultural identity and local values, and to promote respect for the culture of the communities surrounding the Ausangate Mountain. We lead all our efforts to work with local communities on the development of their living quality standards, while also helping to preserve a traditional way of life that has almost disappeared in many parts of the Andes highlands.

Chillca and Osefina communities are indeed co-owners of Andean Lodges. These were the first Andean communities to develop tourism products in partnership with private investors, based on the natural and cultural resources of the area they inhabit. They are active participants in all decisions taken by the company; they carry out all our field operations and services, thus, creating new employment opportunities for them.

The work we’ve carried out to encourage and promote traditional Andean culture has led to the strengthening of the cultural heritage of the local communities. The villagers understand the intrinsic value of their traditional way of life, and they appreciate the economic growth which maintaining this brings them. To preserve the natural environment, we care deeply and we work following a set of environmental guidelines to protect the ecological integrity of the 9,000 hectares that belong to the communities. Due to the development of our tourism activities in the area, it has been possible to renew the importance of local llama herding and traditional textile weaving.

The Apu Ausangate trail is an experience that goes far beyond a hiking trip. It allows experiencing Andean culture intimately, and encourages the preservation of Andean cultural identity, by proudly sharing an inspiring traditional way of life with visitors.

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