Our Story

Andean Excursions is an affiliate of Andean Lodges, a highly experienced tour operator with over ten years working in the region’s ecotourism market. We operate exclusive multi-day trekking programs at Mt. Ausangate, the heart of Cusco’s Andes. Andean Lodges’ Ausangate treks average an altitude of 15,000 feet above sea level, which makes it highly recommended to prepare with a period of acclimatization at Cusco’s lower elevations.

Andean Excursions offers travelers many different options for acclimatizing in Cusco. Our itineraries invite you to discover the best of Cusco’s attractions and destinations, including the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu, to experience the traditional culture and way of life. As you prepare for your Ausangate trek, you can enjoy outdoor adventures in beautiful secluded locations surrounding Cusco.

Andean Excursions maintains the essential vision of Andean Lodges: to craft the most memorable travel experiences for our clients, by sharing our passion and taking care of every detail of your trip, while at the same time practicing and promoting responsible tourism that benefits local communities and constructs a more equitable society.

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